Sky Series


This series is the natural progression from my other two bodies of work, the Earth Series and the Moon Series. In the literal sense, my work is a documentation of the environment and its natural evolutions in the course of a moment (all of my work, from 2005-2008 involves long exposures, which creates a moving documentation in a still moment). In the more esoteric sense, my work is an abstract representation of time and place, that allows the viewer to create their own relationship to the image through a visceral experience. This series focuses on the horizon; sometimes well defined, and sometimes it is blurred between an ambiguous sense of place.

These images are available as 30x30" and 19x19" c-prints, in an edition of 25 and three Artist Proofs. Prints are signed, dated, editioned, and titled on print verso.

© 2018 Jennifer Schlesinger